Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Programme

Introduction to the THRSP

Launched in 2018, the Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Programme (THRSP) is the jewel in the crown for Knowledge•Action•Change. Read on to see why the Programme was so urgently needed and learn more about the five fundamental aims it set out to achieve.

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Meet Our Scholars

In just three years, 75 Scholars from 33 countries have completed a wide variety of groundbreaking projects. Here you can meet some of our graduates whose passion for tobacco harm reduction is changing the lives of smokers in their home countries and beyond.

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Focus On Malawi

With a total of nine Scholars and four Enhanced Scholars over the first three years of the THRSP, Malawi has benefited from significant investment from the Programme. But why have we focused on Malawi – and what’s behind the Programme’s success here?


Global Impacts

The THRSP is having a truly global impact. Our Scholars have had papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, created national tobacco harm reduction networks and launched new radio shows and podcasts. Here are some of the amazing outputs from their projects.


KAC Academy

Our Scholars are making a significant difference to the lives of smokers all around the world. We have a similar ambition to make a difference to them and that’s why we invest so much into their development. Here are some of the key features that make our Programme so successful.


Apply for a Scholarship!

If you have an idea for a project exploring an aspect of tobacco harm reduction, you should consider applying to the THRSP. We accept applications between September and November for the following year. Click below to visit our dedicated applications portal and find out more.

Case Studies

Professor Dr. Mihaela Răescu, Romania
Prof. Dr. Mihaela Răescu

A member of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, Professor Dr. Răescu’s two scientific studies showed that switching completely from combustible cigarettes to heated tobacco products can boost the oral health of smokers as well as increasing the success of dental implants.

Samrat Chowdhery
Samrat Chowdhery

A founding member of the Association of Vapers India and a recent president of the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations, Samrat’s two Scholarship projects demonstrated the potential for safer nicotine products, such as vaping and Swedish-style snus, to help India’s smokers and smokeless tobacco users.

Yusuff Adebayo Adebisi
Yusuff Adebayo Adebisi

A recent Pharmacy graduate who has already published more than 50 articles in academic journals including The Lancet, Yusuff’s work to raise awareness about the benefits of safer nicotine products across Africa helped him win a Diana Award. He is now establishing a Tobacco Harm Reduction research hub in Nigeria.

Blandina Nkhata.png
Blandina Nkhata

Working as a team, Blandina and fellow Scholar, Sahan Lungu, created a short documentary exploring attitudes on smoking and tobacco harm reduction in Malawi, one of the world’s poorest countries. The film, examining the current awareness of safer nicotine products in the country, was shown on two Malawian TV stations.

Elisa Correa.png
Elisa Correa

A filmmaker from Chile, Elisa produced a high-quality short documentary on the smoking and vaping ban in New York City Housing Authority properties. Interviewing those affected by the ban, Elisa created a powerful film highlighting the effects of an ill-considered policy on smokers and those seeking healthier alternatives.

John de Miranda.png
John de Miranda

A long-time teacher of alcohol and drug counsellors at the University of California, San Diego, John’s new passion for tobacco harm reduction saw him create the Smoking and Recovery Toolkit to combat high rates of smoking among people in recovery or seeking treatment for dependency on alcohol or other drugs.

in Numbers

Launched in 2018, we have welcomed 75 scholars, from 33 countries onto our Programme, 18 of whom have gone on to Enhanced Scholarships.

Total number of applications for the first 4 years is 260.

Overall completion rate for the first 3 years is 91%.

Survey Feedback

100% report the THRSP has been beneficial to their careers – 86% very beneficial, 14% somewhat beneficial

100% report a positive effect on their work after the THRSP – with the majority, 82%, reporting a ‘very positive’ effect

95% are still working in tobacco harm reduction after completing the THRSP – 50% part time, 27% full time and 18% in a voluntary role

87% met or exceeded their objectives during their time on the THRSP – with just 13% partially meeting their objectives