Case Studies

Professor Dr. Mihaela Răescu, Romania
Prof. Dr. Mihaela Răescu

A member of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, Professor Dr. Răescu’s two scientific studies showed that switching completely from combustible cigarettes to heated tobacco products can boost the oral health of smokers as well as increasing the success of dental implants.

Samrat Chowdhery
Samrat Chowdhery

A founding member of the Association of Vapers India and a recent president of the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations, Samrat’s two Scholarship projects demonstrated the potential for safer nicotine products, such as vaping and Swedish-style snus, to help India’s smokers and smokeless tobacco users.

Yusuff Adebayo Adebisi
Yusuff Adebayo Adebisi

A recent Pharmacy graduate who has already published more than 50 articles in academic journals including The Lancet, Yusuff’s work to raise awareness about the benefits of safer nicotine products across Africa helped him win a Diana Award. He is now establishing a Tobacco Harm Reduction research hub in Nigeria.

Sahan Lungu.png
Sahan Lungu

A business consultant who advised tobacco farmers about the potential of moving to alternative crops, Sahan teamed up with fellow Scholar, Blandina Nkhata, to create a short documentary on smoking and tobacco harm reduction in Malawi. He is now carrying out a snus-use feasibility study for Malawian users of smokeless tobacco.

Blandina Nkhata.png
Blandina Nkhata

Working as a team, Blandina and fellow Scholar, Sahan Lungu, created a short documentary exploring attitudes on smoking and tobacco harm reduction in Malawi, one of the world’s poorest countries. The film, examining the current awareness of safer nicotine products in the country, was shown on two Malawian TV stations.

Elisa Correa.png
Elisa Correa

A filmmaker from Chile, Elisa produced a high-quality short documentary on the smoking and vaping ban in New York City Housing Authority properties. Interviewing those affected by the ban, Elisa created a powerful film highlighting the effects of an ill-considered policy on smokers and those seeking healthier alternatives.

John de Miranda.png
John de Miranda

A long-time teacher of alcohol and drug counsellors at the University of California, San Diego, John’s new passion for tobacco harm reduction saw him create the Smoking and Recovery Toolkit to combat high rates of smoking among people in recovery or seeking treatment for dependency on alcohol or other drugs.