Quiz - THR and young people

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True or false?


Most young people who vape are already smokers and some are using vaping to quit smoking


Among young non-smokers, regular vaping is frequent, and nicotine addiction is very frequent


Young people who vape are often risk-takers who are also more likely

to engage in other risky behaviors such as smoking but also drinking alcohol and using other substances

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While it is estimated that among adults in Great Britain over 6% are current e-cigarette

users, regular use among 11-16 years old remains very low, at:

5% or less

4% or less

3% or less

2% or less

1% or less


A review of youth e-cigarette studies published between January 2014 and January 2016 found that similar rates of young people had ever tried an e-cigarette in Canada, Greece, Finland, New Zeland and Ireland, with proportions in a range between:

3% and 30%

7.2% and 27%

10.4% and 28%

14.6% and 24%

18.7% and 21%

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